This Is The Way
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     So you want to help people get into Bitcoin but dont know the easieast way to start to explain. I have used the following as an easy onboard experience for newcomers.


  1.  Got to Here you can create QR codes that you can fund with a small amount of Bitcoin on the lightning network. Videos and instructions on the site. It only takes a few minutes if that. Print these out and use them whenever the time arises.

  2.  Have the person download Wallet of Satoshi (WoS) on their phone.

  3.  Get them to scan the Tipcard QR with (WoS) and hey presto they now have bitcoin in a wallet at the speed of light. 

  4. I also print out a QR code on the back of each tip card with this website so they can get the resources they need, or any other resource site you prefer. ( at the time of writing this site is only new, be patient its coming)

    The most important thing you must do is try and explain the concept of custodial and non custodial and that WoS is custodial. All bitcoin must end up in a cold wallet like a Blockstream Jade or coldcard. I find the Jade is the easiest for newbies and they will finally migrate to a coldcard when the time is right.

This is the Way
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If you need any help reach out to me on Nostr at the following NPUB